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January is the month of newborns here at McKeeby Photography and the first baby of 2015 was this sweet boy. His mom and dad were bursting with love and excitement as they welcomed their baby boy into their family. It was such a joy to work with them!

DEC_8134 copy

Have you ever seen a baby that looked this happy?!? He knows he’s safe in momma’s arms.DEC_7913 copy

Look at those eyelashes!

DEC_7955 with logo copy

Daddy’s little caddy  DEC_7972 copyDEC_7976 copy DEC_7984 copy

These shots between Wyatt and his parents have inspired me to start including family shots in all newborn sessions. I mean really…..aren’t they just amazing together? There is so much love in this family. Wyatt sure is one blessed young man.DEC_8051 copy DEC_8056 copy DEC_8058 copy  DEC_8137 copy DEC_8160 copy DEC_8164 copy DEC_8226 copy DEC_8242 copy


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