DEC_7544 copy

This gorgeous belly was ready and prepped for  a February baby. Tripp was so nice and cozy, he decided to make his temporary home last a little longer. Over a week late, he made his debut to an excited big sister and anxious parents. Apparently, he needed extra time to get extra cute. A job well done, Tripp. A job very well done.FEB_9680 copy

Tripp is short for Thomas Carlton Dorn the third. This special outfit was made from one of Grandpa’s Cashmere Ralph Lauren sweaters (that one of Tripp’s aunts accidentally washed and shrunk). It was the perfect gift from his namesake.

FEB_9751 copy tommy and amber copy

This gorgeous family is now complete. A fun loving, sassy little girl and a precious baby boy.

What more could any parents ask for?

FEB_9839 copy FEB_9859 copy FEB_9885b copy FEB_9891small FEB_9938copy FEB_9961 copy FEB_9997 copy


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