Moving Abroad

I was always hesitant to move.

Forget hesitant – I was scared.

Scared of change. Scared of leaving our families. Scared of all the things I didn’t know.

However we got to a place in our life where we were working more than we were doing anything else. Our family, our health, our passions were all taking a backseat to our jobs and we knew we needed a change.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1421.JPG

We slowly began to make a change, packing room to room, wrapping up things at work, and beginning to prepare for the next move. Its been 1.5 years since we moved to Georgia and while we miss our friends and family, this move has been a life changer.

We’ve begun questioning the necessity of our belongings and realized without a doubt that our time as a family matters most above all the “things” we like. We’ve realized travel with kids is not anymore complicated than every day life with kids except, but as a bonus, it comes with the benefit of a new front porch view.

Why were we ever scared?

A friend purchased a scratch off map for our kids, and we’ve quickly realized our recent travels that felt so big and widespread – have quite literally barely even scratched the surface on this beautiful place we call Earth.


There is so much beauty in the world and we are hungry for more. Our travels have prompted us to consider trading all our “stuff” for the experience of seeing the world?

If you dream of travel, what is the ONE thing that stops you?


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