Awaiting Baby Mila


With a low basketball belly, A & E were convinced that Baby was going to be a boy, so imagine our surprise when this perfect little baby Girl was born.


There are animal lovers who drop to their knees and roll on the ground every time they see a puppy and then there are people like me whose hearts melt when they see a newborn. But lets be real….those cheeks, puckered lips, and milk bubbles, how could you not fall in love?


Momma’s sweet girl ❤



Beach Maternity


Both of us were traveling for this session, so we stalked the weather all weekend. We hurried early to the beach to beat the 90% chance of rain and got some great shots with the storm clouds rolling in. And then not only did the rain not come, but the sun came out…it was bright and fierce and set our session on fire in all the right ways. Look at this gorgeous momma and her amazing family of boys. There is so much love as these 3 spend their time awaiting Marcus.

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