Awaiting Baby Mila


With a low basketball belly, A & E were convinced that Baby was going to be a boy, so imagine our surprise when this perfect little baby Girl was born.


There are animal lovers who drop to their knees and roll on the ground every time they see a puppy and then there are people like me whose hearts melt when they see a newborn. But lets be real….those cheeks, puckered lips, and milk bubbles, how could you not fall in love?


Momma’s sweet girl ❤




MAR_4625 copy

This perfect belly popped and out came the easiest baby to ever enter my studio. Him and momma drove two hours to their session, we pulled Marcus out of his carseat, and immediately got started. No eating, no rocking, just pure perfection. JUN_8012 JUN_8022 JUN_8030 JUN_8075 add on JUN_0303

Christ Family

MAR_2633 markandjen copy

Jennifer and Mark dreamed of and prayed for sweet Charlotte. They had no idea just how perfect she would actually be.

I introduce 10 day old Charlotte. Isn’t she gorgeous like her momma?MAY_6528

Charlotte is already so loved!MAY_6338 MAY_6399  MAY_6656 copy

3 month cutie

8234 small copy

This adoption story is one that warms my heart.

3 month transformation

I was fortunate enough to capture Kendrek in his forever home during his first week of life. After dreaming and planning for this baby for so long, its hard to imagine that he is already 3 months old. It doesn’t help that he’s already trying to sit and has seems vastly older than he is. Just look at that sweet face!MAR_5908 MAR_5911b