Frequently Asked Questions

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* Q: What do I wear?

A: In most cases, less is more.
Babies are cutest in something simple, usually their birthday suit, with some accessories/props. We have props available, but feel free to bring your own hats, jewelry, scarves, additional outfits, etc to add some personality to your shoot.


I recommend that you pick 3 colors and build everyone’s outifts around those. Let one person’s jewelry accent another person’s shirt.  Use layers and accessories to help everyone coordinate. You don’t want to match, but you do want the family to look natural together. Most important thing is to be yourself and wear something you are comfortable in. Look in the mirror before you go. If your family looks good together there, then you will look good on camera, as well.

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Wear something you are comfortable in. Maternity shots are all about showing off your beautiful growing belly, so fitted shirts help do the trick or if you are comfortable bare bellies look great. Feel free to bring along any items that are special to your baby; 1st rattle, sonogram photo, a children’s book, baby booties, etc.

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