Motherhood Sessions

As a mother of 3, I want to capture the moments that we didn’t even know we want captured until they’re gone. My first two kids were so close in age that the days become one continuous stream of pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding all while working full time. My husband and I lived in a state of survival mode. With our 3rd, we’ve learned to reprioritize our time and are taking much more care to soak up these small moments.38926265_10108378679560842_7736949697557823488_o

Breastfeeding was one phase I never thought to capture because I was so busy trying to get it down, I didn’t realize what a beautiful thing it was until it was over. With my 3rd, I’ve taken the time to capture these moments and they pull on my mama heartstrings like I did not know an image could do.

I am now offering Motherhood sessions. These can be for breastfeeding mamas or mamas who just want to capture the small peaceful in between moments of motherhood.


$350 | 20 minutes | 10 digital images at the location of your choosing

$495 | 1 hour | All edited images (minimum of 60)

Contact to book your session today.

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