Easterling Family

   DSC_0914 2-1 copyRemember this sweet face from back in December? Well, its been almost 6 months and believe it or not, Michael just keeps getting cuter.

I mean look into those big blue eyes and tell me that you don’t want to snuggle this sweet boy. Can’t do it, can you?DSC_1680-1 copyDSC_1674-1 copy This sweet little guy had just fallen alseep in the car and had just gotten his 1st tooth that day. Needless to say, he was not in the mood for pictures. However, even teething and the rain couldn’t keep this little guy’s smiles away. It is obvious that Michael and his parents know a special kind of love that only exists between a parent and their child. It is a truly beautiful experience jut to be in their presence. Like Michael’s mom, Christina said “We may not have it all, but we have each other.” and it is obvious when you see them together, that the love they share is all they could ever need. DSC_1790-1copyDSC_1786-1 copyDSC_1858-1copyDSC_1729-1 copyhat copyAmazing how much they change in 6 short months!!


Newborn Hats

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Rudl Family

I had the pleasure of photographing this fun loving family in the beautiful College Park area.26 copyDSC_0025-1copyDSC_9914-1 copyDSC_0181-1 copyDSC_9872-1 copy   I enjoyed chasing 4 year old Peter all over the park.

He had an award winning smile and was full of energy that he was more than happy to share with me. His sweet baby sister Leila was not in the mood to model, but her mom was committed to getting some smiles and it gave me the opportunity to capture the undeniable love between Grace and her children.

It was such a joy to be able to capture such special moments in such a loving family.DSC_9881-1 copy DSC_0105-1 copyDSC_9929-1copy

Awaiting Baby Colt

DSC_8282-1copyCassie just glowed during the whole session. Her and Brad are so full of love for each other and the new life they have created.

I was so honored to be a part of capturing such a special time in their lives as they prepare to welcome their first baby into their homes.     DSC_8126-1 copyDSC_8309-1DSC_8337-1 copyDSC_8251-1 copyDSC_8113-1 copy  DSC_8136-1craving copy

Family Portraits

Like all 2 year olds, Imani had her own idea of how things were going to go this session.  It was much different from what mom and I had in mind. As always though, I love that her personality is shining through all of these images. From the giggles to grumpy snuggles, this beautiful family was a blast to photograph.