Tripp, my littlest nephew

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This gorgeous belly was ready and prepped for  a February baby. Tripp was so nice and cozy, he decided to make his temporary home last a little longer. Over a week late, he made his debut to an excited big sister and anxious parents. Apparently, he needed extra time to get extra cute. A job well done, Tripp. A job very well done.FEB_9680 copy

Tripp is short for Thomas Carlton Dorn the third. This special outfit was made from one of Grandpa’s Cashmere Ralph Lauren sweaters (that one of Tripp’s aunts accidentally washed and shrunk). It was the perfect gift from his namesake.

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This gorgeous family is now complete. A fun loving, sassy little girl and a precious baby boy.

What more could any parents ask for?

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This momma has wanted a baby girl for as long as I have known her. She has researched every Chinese baby predicting calendar and alternative sources that could help secure the baby girl she always dreamed of having. Then believe it or not, the second time around after being blessed with an adorable, fun loving boy, her dreams came true and life graced her with a sweet baby girl.

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The littlest princess is finally here 🙂

A beautiful adoption story

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They tried for years before deciding to adopt. Then waited and prayed endlessly for a call that felt like it would never come. They were patient and kind. Supporting each other as they waited for their family to grow.

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They received the call that changed their lives. Not only were they matched, but their son was born the night before. Everything went on hold, as they rushed to get off to see him. JAN_8863 copy JAN_8970 copy JAN_8982 copy JAN_9591 copy JAN_9597 copy  JAN_8925 copy

The Harper family feels so complete now. So beautiful. So full of love. I know they will continue to grow, but for now there is nothing more perfect in the world then the feel of THEIR baby in their arms.

Congratulations Harper Family!

Awaiting Elle

I was contacted about doing a lifestyle for the Walker Family since mom was on bed rest. I was so excited (and a little nervous because I’d never done a lifestyle session) AND now I’m COMPLETELY in love with the lifestyle idea. I love how comfortable the family is in their own space and how intimate all the images feel. I will be offering a discounted price to the 1st two people to book a lifestyle session.  Contact:


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Elle is already so loved.

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A princess in on the way!

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AND let’s not forget Big Brother!

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Troy was hesitant to go to sleep, afterall, there were so many new things to see. It was a wonderful opportunity to capture some sweet moments between Troy and his amazing parents.6083 small copy 6140 small copy 6143 small copy 6160 small copy With Troy’s dad being a former University of Florida baseball player, we were sure to squeeze some baseball shots in. The sweetest boy even flexed his little baby muscles for the camera.

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